Episode 16: Industry Pitfall Series: Landscaping/Hardscaping – Sam Gembel of Atlas Outdoor

Nov 18, 2021

Want to hear the journey of an Entrepreneur who went from $0 to $5m in Revenue in 5 years? Meet Sam Gembel with Atlas Outdoors. Continuing on with our Industry Pitfall Series from the Firepreneurs podcast, Sam unpacks his journey into becoming an Entrepreneur. Interestingly, he spent the first 10 years in the Landscaping/Hardscaping Industry as an employee of another company before finally taking the leap himself into business ownership. Sam talks about both sides of the equation, while also sprinkling in all of the life that happens in between and influences our decisions.
True to the series, Sam shares his opinion on potential pitfalls one could face if you are a full time firefighter and thinking about pursuing this industry as your side hustle. Additionally, he recommends some game changing books for him that really unlocked the trajectory that he is on today. Last, but not least, Sam is just Sam and brings a boat load of energy and personality to the episode. ENJOY!
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