Episode 11: Monkeys & Buffalo: How to Face Criticism, Haters & Naysayers

Nov 18, 2021

Ever wondered what haters and naysayers have in common with Monkeys and Buffalo? No? Okay, that’s fair. Most people probably do not now that I think about it. Well, we are going to tell you anyways!
In this episode, we answer a listener suggested topic of how to handle negativity toward Firepreneurs within the firehouse. This happens more often that you think, but is not unique to firehouses alone, it is in all work environments and social circles. To arm you with some tools to deal with these obstacles, Bennett and Jeff discuss two passed down, thought provoking stories about Monkeys and Buffalo. In addition to those stories, they also discuss choosing positivity, choosing your circle, and running through the metaphorical storms faced as a business owner.
Episode Cameos also include Dementors, Coffee Bean Soup/Broth, and our new, albeit lonely, bookshelf!
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