Episode 12: Industry Pitfall Series: Exterior Cleaning – Successful Entrepreneur and Conquer Coach Joshua Taylor

Nov 18, 2021

We are kicking off another series with this one focusing on Industry Pitfalls. We will bring on a successful entrepreneur from a specific industry to unpack the wins and losses they experienced along the way, as well as give you some tips on pitfalls to avoid.

On this episode, we bring in Successful Entrepreneur Joshua Taylor from EcoTek Power Washing. Aside from running a successful exterior cleaning company, Josh is also a Coach in the AGS Conquer Program, leading other aspiring exterior cleaners to successful growth. Managing multiple locations, dozens of employees and coaching entrepreneurs is not where Josh’s story ends though. 

He started out as full time ER nurse and his now business started out as a side hustle. He chipped away at the business until it became clear that after 7 years of experience as a Nurse, it was time to pursue his business full time. With coaching and guidance from Coach and Successful Entrepreneur Joshua Latimer with AGS Conquer, Josh took his business from $300k to $1.3M in two years!

You think the value stops there? You would be sorely mistaken. Josh was gracious enough to share a deeply personal story with us about how he overcame addiction to persevere during a dark time. He understands that we cannot just project the highlight reel to help others, we also have to be vulnerable and share the tough times as well. 

Josh’s resilience, perseverance, willingness to help others and ability to overcome dark obstacles makes this episode a must listen! Josh is so willing to help others he even leaves his personal cell phone in the episode. Josh may be a stud, but he is happily married to his wife and rock; together they have 4 children that keep him centered. 

What an awesome way to kick off this series!
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