Episode 17: Industry Pitfall Series: Carpet Cleaning – Michael Kaplan on Building an $18M Home Services Business

Nov 18, 2021

For the final episode of our Industry Pitfall Series, we had the good fortune to track down the one and only Michael Kaplan. Aside from me laughing half the time, we still managed to squeeze in a ton of value for our listeners. He walks us through getting into the Home Services Industry with Carpet Cleaning and a dream of building his company up to $1.5M a year in revenue; however, that quickly escalated when Michael and his team saw an opportunity to go bigger. They built their first location up to a multi-million dollar business and then opened multiple locations eventually passing the $10M mark and kept marching up to $18M a year in revenue. Along the way, they had countless challenges and had to break/rebuild their business multiple times.
This was the perfect ending to our series as it addresses the pitfalls a Firepreneurs or Entrepreneur would experience going into carpet cleaning but it has SO MANY other lessons for one to consider. We hope you have as much fun listening as we did recording this one!
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