Episode 20: Firepreneur Cade Swallows – Code 3 Junk Removal

Nov 18, 2021

Join us in this fun podcast with fellow Firepreneur, Cade Swallows.
Cade is a firefighter in Arizona. Like so many firefighters, he wanted to work on his off days. Cade knew he wanted to be his own boss, and knew he wanted to work with his hands. More importantly, he found inspiration and changed his goals from working “in” a business on his off days, to working “on” a business in his off days. Listen in as we talk about Cade’s journey into his “why” to own a business, and sharing some fun business and firehouse stories!
In a short time, Cade and his wife Angie have grown Code 3 Junk Removal into a formidable business in the Phoenix metro area.
We hope you find some gold nuggets and inspiration in this one like we did! Get after it!

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