Episode 23: Interview with Home Services Leader and CEO of AGS Conquer Brandon Vaughn

Nov 18, 2021

On this episode of the Firepreneurs Podcast we bring on home services leader, Brandon Vaughn. His entrepreneurial journey includes many roads to include scaling an Exterior Cleaning company to doing $500k/mo in revenue! After selling his exterior cleaning company, Brandon joined Josh Latimer and helped transform Automate Grow Sell into AGS Conquer, an industry leading coaching and consulting company to hundreds of home services business owners.
His latest project is Map to a Million, which is a YouTube series chronicling his journey building Wise Coatings into a 7 figure business in one year without ever going out in the field. This episode has a bit of it all. Brandon shares his ups and downs, his self doubt and opens up about all the pain he endured along the way while becoming the success that he is today.
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