Episode 26: Interview with Entrepreneur Alonzo Adams – CEO of Busy Bee Cleaning Co. and AGS Conquer Coach

Nov 18, 2021

Alonzo Adams is the CEO of Busy Bee Cleaning and has been for 28 years which means that he has persevered through the dot com crash, 9/11, the housing crisis and most recently the pandemic. That is amazing in and of itself, but when you hear his story about how he started his company, at 19 with a newborn baby on the way, his resiliency and toughness takes on another layer.
Alonzo’s energy, determination and ability to make us laugh while reminding us that we have a giant inside of us that is waiting to big things. After listening to this episodes, be ready to go out there and become what Alonzo calls an OGG – “Original Go Getter”
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