Episode 37: Interview with Hardscaping & Landscaping Expert Frank Bourque – Entrepreneur, Consultant, Speaker and Coach

Nov 18, 2021

On this episode of the Firepreneurs podcast, we have Hardscaping/Landscaping Expert Frank Bourque. For over 20 years, Frank has been an Entrepreneur, Consultant, Speaker and Coach. He also has some relatable experience for Firepreneurs in that for some of the years building his services company, he also had a full time job so he’ll be able to share some of the wins and losses that he experienced in a Firepreneur’esque role.


This episode is filled with wisdom and experience from an industry veteran that goes beyond just the meat and potatoes of doing the thing, but also the mindset and behaviors that will ensure success.

Check Frank out at frankbourque.com, on Facebook, or on LinkedIn.

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