Episode 14:Industry Pitfall Series: Junk Removal – Owner of Junk Doctors & Junk Removal Authority – Lee Godbold

Nov 18, 2021

Continuing with our Industry Pitfall Series, on this episode of the Firepreneurs Podcast, we interview Lee Godbold. Lee is only 31 years old, but is making noise in the junk removal industry by not only running a junk removal business, but also building a company that supports the industry. He shares a number of pitfalls that aspiring Firepreneurs could avoid, and has even worked with a couple firefighter owned junk removal businesses in the past. Here’s a Bio on Lee:
With Junk Removal Authority, Lee will tell you that he and his team help junk removal business owners make more money and live a better life through their teachings and back end support services. His companies provide consulting, marketing, and contact center services plus he builds junk removal trucks that get sent all throughout the country. Lee tells us that he has made it his mission to help others avoid the mistakes he made along the way.
Before founding Junk Removal Authority, he and his partner built Junk Doctors. What started as a pickup truck and trailer operation has now grown into a multi million dollar a year business that still operates in 3 metro areas in North Carolina.
Lee let us know that his companies combined currently work with over 140 business owners in the United States. With no formal business education, Lee’s ability to figure it out through trial and error, and then to share those experiences with others, make his story relatable to aspiring Firepreneurs. Aside from his business pursuits, Lee is also an avid pilot and traveler, thereby a great example of someone that can build a great business while having fun along the way.
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