Episode 74: TTT – What is F.O.A.M.? (Financials, Operations, Admin, Marketing/Sales)

Jul 1, 2022

In this episode of the Firepreneurs Podcast, we explain an Acronym that we use at Firepreneurs and that Bennett uses in Fire Dawgs Junk Removal to simplify and break down the four quadrants of business: Financials, Operations, Admin, Marketing/Sales.

After a quick overview of F.O.A.M., we then discuss how this pertains to the first system/process that every home services company should deploy which is a Job Checklist. Over the next few months, our episodes will be using the Acronym of F.O.A.M. and unpacking the Job Checklist that Bennett uses in his business and taking it section by section to help listeners build one of the most important foundational processes in their home services business… the Job Checklist.

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