Episode 21 Chris Penn: A Traveling Entrepreneur

Nov 18, 2021

“Traveling the World and United States, Chris Penn left college with a passion to travel. He sold his Mustang, bought a Van and set off! He worked a number of odd jobs along the way to fund his lifestyle and along the way start vlogging his journey. While this may sound like a page from Peter Jenkins’ “A Walk Across America” don’t judge this book by its cover! Chris was a football player in college and maintained his disciplined workout routine while traveling, which was a challenge when living off a few dollars a day at times. Soon, the routines and hobbies led to school bus conversions, sponsorships and much more. That work ethic explains why his vlog grew to amass over 750k subscribers on YouTube! Follow Chris at Tinyhometours, Zeppelin Travels, and theoffgridskoolie! There’s a lot of adventure, conversation and entrepreneurship in this episode, enjoy!”

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