Episode 15 Industry Pitfall Series: Jason Finney and Jason Humrichouse from Heritage Custom Painting

Nov 18, 2021

On this episode of the Firepreneurs Podcast we bring on Fire Dawg and Firepreneur, Jason Finney. Joining him is his business partner Jason Humrichous to talk about building a multi-million dollar painting business. Together, they are the JASONS! Jason Finney is a retired NCO and Fire Dawg from the Air Force Reserve. He is also a partner of Heritage Custom Painting, as well as still a full time firefighter at Grissom ARB FD, where Bennett was a firefighter for 10 years. These two partners talk about the inner workings of forming a partnership, building a multi-million dollar painting company while also unpacking the wins and losses they experienced along the way. True to the series name, they point out some pitfalls that one could expect should they seek to start a painting business while still a full time firefighter. They also talk about how Faith and Family get them through the tough times of running a business. Their story is unique, telling of the entrepreneurial journey and still just getting started!

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