Episode 18:March Marketing Madness: Marketing Guru, Business Owner and Conquer Coach Michael Grigery

Nov 18, 2021

For the initial episode of our March Marketing Madness Series, we had the opportunity to bring on Michael Grigery, a Conquer AGS coach, and owner of Click, Call, Sell- a marketing firm focused on helping Home Services and Exterior Cleaning Companies. Unsuccessfully, we tried to match Michael’s energy in this episode! Michael brings a metric ton, or 3 or 4, of knowledge in both a national franchise perspective, and a local home services perspective, and the marketing tips, tactics, and strategies that have helped his companies gain quality leads to gain market share. This was great start to our series as Michael shares so many ways we can benefit from data collection, and then how to use that data for effective marketing to your target market to earn quality impressions. Even his company, Click, Call, Sell, is all about earning you quality over quantity when it comes to marketing, as it increases your ROI.

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