Episode 28: Interview with Home Services Entrepreneur Josh Judge from Judge Services

Jul 10, 2021

Josh Judge with Judge Services is an Exterior Cleaning Specialist in Carbondale, Illinois with 4 service trucks. Josh walks us through some of the challenges he faced as a 1 person operation, and what started as a side hustle, to what is now a 4 truck operation and growing. He talks about overcoming owner’s guilt when he finally got off the truck, how hard it was to let go of “doing the thing” and some of the challenges he faces in his new role of mainly working “on” the business as an Owner. This is an incredibly insightful and helpful episode for all Firepreneurs and Entrepreneurs that will be able to relate to the obstacles Josh faced while growing his business. Perhaps even more helpful is the self-limiting belief that Josh dominated, which is an excuse many Entrepreneurs have, which is “my market isn’t big enough.” His abundancy mindset allowed for him to succeed in what would by many be considered a market “not big enough.” Enjoy this episode with Josh Judge!

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