Episode 29: An International Interview with Glenn Curtis from Plantenance Landscape Group

Jul 17, 2021

Jul 16, 4:30 PM
This week on the Firepreneurs podcast, we bring on Industry Leader and Plantenance CEO Glenn Curtis. As owner of Plantenance Landscaping Group, and hailing from Montreal, Glenn walks us through what it takes to say in business for 4 decades! Glenn covers many topics in his interview with Bennett to include resiliency, attention to detail, the original word of mouth marketing and the importance of pursuing growth.
If you have plans of building a business and holding it for years to come then tune into the wisdom from our friend up north.
You can reach Glenn at Plantenance Landscapes:
By phone at: 1-888-9PLANTE, or (514) 684-8235 (open 24 hours).
By email at: infor@pantenance.com or glenn@plantenance.com
On Instagram at: Plantenance_landscapes
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