Episode 32 Kory Pearn- Founder and Creator of Crackyl Magazine!

Oct 29, 2021

Career firefighter and entrepreneur Kory Pearn is the founder and creator of Crackyl Magazine, a publication dedicated to help support firefighters by answering questions and offering advice. A career firefighter, Kory was on an exciting journey that soon came to a halt. An irregular heartbeat forced Kory to take a year off work, causing questions to creep into his mind about his success, and whether he could continue. He decided to persevere, inspiring him to help others do the same. This led to the creation of Crackyl magazine.

Crackyl takes on heavy topics that are often avoided, such as financial advice, discussions of marital struggles, and how to balance work and family. What was the inspiration for the name Crackyl? The sound every firefighter hears is the crackling of fire. It is something that Kory states is imprinted on every firefighter’s mind and brings firefighters together. With Crackyl, Kory has been able to help firefighters get the “Been there, done that ” advice to help them further their careers and grow their personal lives.

Now why is Crackyl spelled the way it is? In your body, there are Y shaped proteins called antibodies. These help protect your system, in the same way that Crackyl helps your system as a firefighter.

We are so excited to release this episode with Kory Pearn for you!


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