Episode 36: Rick Segrest -Firepreneur and Co-owner/Co-founder of Firesled Fitness

Nov 18, 2021

Today on the Firepreneurs Podcast, we have a special guest! Firepreneur Rick Segrest, a 35-year career firefighter gets on the podcast with Bennett and discusses some of the highlights from his long career serving the Central Florida community! From driving a tanker for the 1st time, to designing and developing a fitness training facility for firefighters and law enforcement officers, Rick and Bennett look back at the wins and losses throughout Rick’s long career. Rick is also an entrepreneur. He is the Co-owner/Co-Founder of Firesled Fitness. With his emphasis on realistic training Rick developed the Firesled, Punisher, and Laddermill to keep firefighters at their physical peak! Please check Firesled Fitness and Rick on the web, on Facebook, on Instagram, or on YouTube. As always thank you for listening!

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