Episode 38: Interview with Hiking Bob: Retired Firefighter, USAF Veteran, Nature Enthusiast, and Photographer

Nov 18, 2021


On today’s episode we have a special guest! Bob Falcone, A.K.A “Hiking Bob”, is a retired Air Force Veteran, career firefighter, and nature enthusiast. In addition, he is an award winning photographer, and Colorado Springs resident. When he’s not sharing his knowledge and experience with the Colorado Springs Independent or Fox21, you can find him exploring the 4 corner states, (Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah) looking for adventures. In this episode, Bennett talks to Bob about their shared experiences in the Air Force and as firefighters. Firepreneurs can glean valuable information about Bob’s path of turning his recreational goals into a career, and how individuals everywhere can do the same. No surprise; It takes hard work. Discussions about risk assessment, goal setting, and preparation apply to business, as well as personal life. Finally, the importance of unplugging, and using that rest to fuel your work. Enjoy!

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