Episode 40: First In Nutrition – Interview with Firefighter, Entrepreneur Jonathan Montgomery

Nov 18, 2021

Fitness is a key to be not only fit physically, but mentally as well. That’s why today on the Firepreneurs podcast, Jonathan Montgomery, Co-Founder of First in Nutrition talks with Bennett about how he turned his passion for the fitness and health of his fellow firefighters into a career. A former firefighter and EMS First Responder, Jonathan founded First in Nutrition with his wife Anne Montgomery a little over 3 years ago, creating a program that brings the passion and community Firefighting brings to the nutrition world. With a unique perspective, Jonathan uses his skills to create a “Family first” approach, bringing a healthy level of accountability to personal goals, as well as results. Throughout the episode, Bennett and Jonathan talk about their shared experiences as firefighters, the ins and outs of combing your passions and experiences into a career, the meaning behind being “First in”, and whether a “Cheat” meal is the right mindset to have. Enjoy!

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