Each episode on the Firepreneurs Podcast, we talk about how we can Hone our Leadership skills, Develop and train our teams and then prepare those team members to Grow the business while also growing as people. Which is where our mantra Lead, Develop, Grow stems from.

In addition, we’ll draw on our 20 years of Firefighting experience and over 15 years of experience building, leading and growing small businesses, to discuss the wins and losses we’ve experienced along the way. Whether it’s discussing Life, Leadership and/or Development, we will do our best to equip you with the tools that you will need to succeed in your entrepreneurial journey.

What is DISC? Championship Pit Crew Coach, Entrepreneur and Certified Conquer Coach Matt Clark Explains

On this episode of the Firepreneurs podcast, we bring on Championship Pit Crew Coach Matt Clark to answer the question, “What is DISC?”

Matt breaks down how understanding people helped him build Championship teams and as an Entrepreneur himself he helps us as business owners learn how to use DISC as we run our businesses and build our championship teams.

In addition to being a Championship Pit Crew Coach, Matt is also a champion to small business owners having coached hundreds of small business owners through his mentorship with AGS Conquer.

It’s a fun episode with some eye opening perspective, enjoy!

Feel free to reach Matt at:
Facebook: @ Matt Clark
Twitter: @mattclarkmc
Email: matt@mattclarkmc.com

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